Tips to improve efficiency in the thermal processing of food

Tips to improve efficiency in the thermal processing of food

We often don't notice, but even after using proper heating and cooling elements, we end up wasting time and energy not getting the desired results from the whole thermal processing of food and beverage. But don't worry. We are here to help you out. Today, in this article, we will discuss the tips to improve the efficiency in the thermal processing of food. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started:

A. Temperature overshoot

B. Packaging problems

C. Temperature Instability

Let us discuss the points in detail:


A. Temperature overshoot: 

Energy gets wasted whenever the temperature of a product overshoots or undershoots. Some products also get damaged by the process of overheating or overcooling. This is when we need intervention for quality assessment.

To stop energy from being wasted in such a way, you can replace the simple temperature controller with a precision PID temperature controller. Some unique algorithms are smart enough to automatically take care of conventional heating and cooling problems.


If the operating temperatures are outside the desired setpoint, you may face the following consequences. What are these? Have a look:

#1: Wasted time as well as energy

#2: Under or overcooked product

#3: scrap product because of critical temperature limits 


B. Packaging problems

Things such as time, temperature, and pressure are crucial to ensure a quality seal. Along with the mechanical force and time of contact, the overall temperature at sealing needs to be accurate and uniform. To provide the control of the machine, nowadays, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is being used. Because of the precision control built-in quality, PLCs are now available to a large extent. 


C. Temperature Instability

Different processes need critical temperature control. The temperature variation will waste time and energy and lead to irretrievable undercooked or overcooked products. If overheated, it will create waste and potential damage as well. 

Time to sum up: 
So, these were some of the top tips to improve efficiency in the thermal processing of food. If you're searching for an ideal food warming solution, you must look into what Vidacasa offers. 

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