About us

When numerous local hotels and restaurant chains experienced serious food poisoning and fire catastrophes in 2013 as a result of "subpar" buffet equipment at offsite areas where electric power connections were not readily available. These occurrences were not uncommon, and comparable ones could be found in other locations and nations.

Our founders, who are excellent problem solvers and thinkers, believed in developing better product solutions that could provide extremely effective chilling and long-term warming for prepared food holding, display, storage, and transportation.

Vidacasa products are now cordless, portable, flexible, sustainable, and performance-driven, and they've all been proved to be superior than wet ice, gel packs, chafing fuels and candles, and wired induction warmers for food chilling and warming.

Gregory Mak, Alexander Mak
Co-founders of Vidacasa®

Hong Kong-inspired design