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H1X Charging dock


H1X Charging dock is an attractive, convenient solution for charging multiple H1X Powerbanks. Great for off-site catering events and foodservice operations when power plugs are limited. Space-saving with minimal power plugs.

H1X Charging docks come in six and eighteen bulk charging options, suitable for diverse types of foodservice operations such as restaurants, convention halls, meeting rooms, resorts, etc.

Both H1X Charging dock models work on standard 110V/240V electric power sockets. Please remind our sales associate of your local plug socket type at ordering.


Recharge multiple H1X Powerbanks at ease.
100/240V AC/DC (Global Standard)
Full recharge: 15 hours

Product Size

Dock 6 - 25 x 12.5 x 7 cm (9.8” x 5” x 2.3”) Dock 18 - 40 x 27 x 7 cm (15.7” x 11” x 1“)


Dock 6 - 0.50 kg (1.10 lb)
Dock 18 - 2.50 kg (5.50 lb)


Wait until the H1X Powerbank is cool before recharging.

- Avoid using at extreme humid or hot temperature environment.
- Keep away from hot oven or open flame.

This unit can only recharge H1X Powerbanks.

Care Instructions

Electronics - avoid water & moisture.
Clean with a damp cloth with light diluted detergent.