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Heat blaster tray

The days of manually warming platters and pans filled with finger foods are long gone. Instead, foodservice professionals now turn to cordless buffet warming equipment for quick and efficient service. And with the help of heat blasters like the Vidacasa heat blaster tray, they can now convert traditional buffet chafers and serving trays into cordless buffet warming equipment without the need for any tools. The Vidacasa heat blaster tray is a handy heat guard when using heat blasters.


Retrofit standard buffet chafers for cordless heating applications.

Product Size

20 x 20 x 4 cm (7.8” x 7.8” x 1.6”)


0.15 kg (0.4 lb)


Don't stack two Heat Blasters on one tray at activation as two packs will not give more heat or yield longer heating time.

Use a tong clip to lift the Heat blaster away from water for a quick stop on Heat blaster.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher friendly.

Convert to cordless heating chafers

Food warming on-the-go!

Quick heat for buffetware

  • Retrofit chafers

    quick easiest way to convert standard chafers to wireless heating buffet equipment

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  • using heat blaster instant steam heat for buffetware reduces labor cost and fire accidents no more power cords dangling problems

    Quick buffets

    simplest way to keep food warm for another 30-45 mins without power cords or charging

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  • On the Go!

    with no flames and power cords, your heating solution for your next catering event

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